TAN Concept

At TAN our mission is to help you discover a new type of cuisine, not only original and tasty but also respecting the laws of nature and human physiology. This leads to a consideration of food in all its dimensions (pleasure, necessity, health, ecology, ethics, science, spirituality).

This discovery begins by enjoying our recipes in a space where the decor is designed to be sober, natural and respecting the rules of Feng Shui.

As well as the restaurant, our take away service prepares dishes you can cook at home in the simplest and healthiest way possible.

The discovery continues through our cookery classes that allow you to learn and understand the keys necessary to put into practise this type of cooking at home. They will help you become aware of the truth about nutrition rather than what is highly publicised in the media, in order to provide you with an independent way of looking at food and health issues of today and the future (biodiversity, ecology, natural agriculture, fair trade, consumption, world hunger, present day diseases, …).

Finally, our shop provides the opportunity to buy (as well as our take away dishes) all the food, ingredients and accessories enabling everybody to enjoy the pleasure of eating well. We also stock a whole range of literature to help with your understanding of cour concept. The space, both in terms of its content and design, is coherent with the idea of a new way of consuming (products sold in bulk disposing of the need for packaging, live products, green packaging, …).

The Food Paradigm

Due to the fact that live foods engender life, living food consists of using only elements as nature intended where the bio-vitality has not been diminished by premature harvesting, spraying chemical products (fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, …) or subsequently by processing, distortion, refining or inappropriate cooking.

On this same level of vitality, TAN moves from biogenic *( sprouts, young shoots, lacto-fermented products, seaweeds, herbs, edible flowers, …) to biostatic *(vegetables and animal protein cooked at low temperatures) whilst also passing through the bioactive *(fruits, raw vegetables).

The range is broad since our food contains plants, sprouted grains and legumes, animal protein (meat fish and seafood). We have eliminated what we consider to be toxic: dairy products, coffee, sugar, soft drinks and all refined industrial products *(biocides).

This model is suitable for various dietary choices, including vegan, vegetarian, frugivore, carnivore, gluten-free or lactose-free.

*Classification of foods according to Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Székély.


The ingredients are varied and the recipes are inspired by various different world cuisines (cross cultural).

A condition needed to respect biovitality, all our raw materials, ingredients, spices are chosen in accordance with the seasons and from organic farming (with the exception of some Asian herbs not found in this type of agriculture). The fish are wild or farmed organically.

All these great products come in part from small Walloon gardens and another part from larger national and international producers that we have visited and selected for their suitability to our requirements.

We support biodiversity by encouraging the production of forgotten varieties of fruits, vegetables and edible flowers, by using them in the restaurant and also during our courses.

We also advocate the rediscovery of ancient recipes (lacto-fermented products, the original Essenien bread, rejuvelac, nut and seed milks and cheeses, …) and ancient natural methods of conservation (lacto-fermentation, dehydration).


All our dishes are prepared at moment you order them (nothing in advance) and embellished with subtle sauces made from herbs and cold pressed biological vegetable oils, added raw just before serving in order to preserve their qualities.

Whilst we encourage raw foods, we also cook in the so called “hypo-toxic” way, meaning that the temperature is below 100° (drying, gentle steaming, stewing).

No stove and no pots or pans are used and therefore no additional fat is used for cooking.

The water used in our preparations and for steaming is revitalised and has gone through the process of osmosis (meaning without chlorine, without nitrates and without minerals).

All crockery and cooking utensils are cleaned by hand with products that are 100% bio degradable.

Staff and Service

All the recipes and the menus are elaborated by our chefs, who assure the choice of products and the culinary direction. The leitmotiv of the kitchen staff is to ensure consistent quality and accurate information. Our style cuisine may raise certain questions, which is why we are staffed by fully qualified and trained personnel. If questions should remain unresolved, you may always ask Jo van der Stichelen who will make every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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