Blender Vitamix TNC 5200

More than just a blender, the Vitamix TNC (Total Nutrition Centre) is a powerful kitchen tool. It has an extremely powerful 2 horsepower, commercial-duty motor with a self-cooling fan, sealed stainless steel bearings, hardened stay sharp stainless steel blades and a twelve-sided steel motor coupling to transmit all that raw power to the blades.
The high impact tritan jug has a large two-litre capacity and a square base that gives the Vitamix blades their unique cutting action. The sheer power of this machine means that the blades spin so fast (381kph) that the heat friction generated can allow you to actually cook soup at the same time as homogenising it.
With the wet jug, frozen desserts, smoothies and purees are fast and easy to make. Variable speed control means the TNC is able to perform dozens of food processes at low speed without stalling, such as chopping, grinding, whipping, blending and stirring. Performing a wide range of grinding milling and blending operations, the TNC is a very powerful and versatile machine which already deservedly enjoys a great deal of popularity amongst raw food enthusiasts and is equally at home in the more conventional kitchen.


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