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Living Food Course

Level 1
The courses comprise of practical lessons given by Mark Tucker, following precise themes which will enable you to move easily from conventional food stripped of its nutrients, to highly energised bio-genic nutrition.

The following 5 themes are designed to accompany you in your transformation towards a healthier, longer and more energetic life thanks to optimal nutrition.

Lesson 1 : Sprouts & Sprouted Grains
Sprouts and sprouted grains provide you with an exceptional amount of energy thanks to them being rich in enzymes, protein and various vitamins.

Some athletes are using them to increase their performance. “Sprouts are for adults what breast milk is for infants” (Tal Schaller).

We will share with you all our secrets and tips on how to successfully germinate seeds and grains.

Lesson 2 : Energetic Breakfasts
« Break-Fast » simply means breaking your fast.  Following a fast of 8 hours (one night of sleep), the first foods eaten are crucial to our physical and mental well being.  We will provide you with practical solutions that will help you replace denatured foods that drain your energy by breakfasts that are energising, complete and tasty.

Lesson 3 : The Importance of Raw Foods Daily
Did you know that raw foods are a source of vitality and longevity?  When you ingest cooked food, you call on your body to provide all the necessary energy for digestion and assimilation, which explains why you may suddenly feel tired after eating and may frequently become vulnerable to various illnesses and diseases.

Raw and living food is more easily assimilated by the body and is a valuable source of energy and vitality.  This lesson will show you how to gradually replace some cooked preparations by delicious recipes, based on uncooked foods.

Lesson 4 : Lunch Boxes
How can you quickly prepare balanced and energising meals for you or your children’s lunch?  This is a daily challenge for many adults and children, especially as these groups of people are the prime targets for producers of foods that are denatured, overly sweetened and full of unnatural stimulants.

The objective of this lesson is to provide you with healthy, quick and tasty alternatives that you can integrate progressively into the preparation of your lunchtime meals.

Lesson 5 : Food Associations for Optimal Health
Tired of constant dieting? Instead of trying to constantly lose (or gain) weight, we will present you with solutions to discover naturally your ideal weight and then maintain it simply, by appropriately combining your foods.

Level 2

Lesson 1 : Cooking at low temperature (85°c in the oven)

Lesson 2 : Steaming (fish, meat)

Lesson 3 : Vegetables (cooking, conserving and recipes)

Lesson 4 : Cereals (as a side or main course, the best ways to prepare them)

Lesson 5 : Sauces (to accompany meat dishes, salads according to the season)


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Nous organisons aussi des cours en Français. Les dates ne sont pas les mêmes. Si vous voulez des informations, choisissez la langue française dans le coin supérieur droit de la fenêtre.

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