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TAN is a place where our mission is to help you discover, through the whole range of daily meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner), a unique and tasty new cuisine.

This completely new style of cuisine is based on a large variety of ingredients where the bio-vitality of the dish is as high as possible with flavours derived from cuisines from around the world, prepared raw or cooked at low temperatures (meaning below 100°; dehydrating, gentle steaming, stewing).

TAN Brussels

Rue de l’Aqueduc, 95      See map
1050 Bruxelles (Châtelain)
T. +32 (0) 2 537 87 87

E-mail: info[AT]tanclub.org

Opening hours:

Shop: From Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm
Restaurant: from Monday to Saturday, lunchtime and evening

Closed on national holidays




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